We Provide Tailored Suiting to Disadvantaged Men. 


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide tailored suiting and other professional business attire to deserving individuals, working towards eliminating the barriers caused by financial inequality and unfortunate circumstance.

The LA Suit Project provides new and quality used suits, as well as other professional business attire & menswear accessories to men in need. The donated business suits, new or used, are custom fitted to the individuals measurements. 

Additionally, the men we work with are provided with career coaching, resume building, job training, GED completion, or whatever else is necessary for them to find full time employment.


A true measure of social impact is not how well you can care for someone in their presence, but how well they thrive in your absence.
— Stewart Ramsey & Kohl Crecelius, Krochet Kids



Our application process seeks to place these suits and other business attire in the hands of deserving individuals who demonstrate selfless character traits despite a lack of resources.

  • 1 - Application Received from a member of one of our partner organizations.


  • 2 - Meet & Interview Applicant with the intention to make sure our core values are in alignment with the applicant, to hear their story, and that they are committed to transforming their life. 


  • 3 - Create a Custom Look. Taking into account the applicant's intended line of work, age, interests, likes & dislikes our team designs an entire look for the applicant including a custom tailored suit, shoes, shirt, and accessories.
  • 4 - Delivery & Reveal. Members of our team will again meet to deliver the applicant their our gifts. Often this is an entire day in which we are able to offer the men a haircut, grooming and styling advice. With a new sense of confidence we get a chance to hear about their vision for themselves as they take on their lives.


  • 5 - Thrive. With the support of organizations we've partnered with all applicants are equipped with the skills necessary to maintain long term success. Career coaching, resume building, job training, GED completion, and whatever else is necessary to help each adult find full time employment.


See how we're creating impact around the globe

Our impact stretches far outside the streets of Los Angeles. Follow our founder as he travels the world to connecting with deserving men in less fortunate communities, as he empowers them to believe in themselves throughout their physical and emotional transformations.